The iPad Lawyer – Apps Update – 12/3/2015

Good morning, all. I trust this finds all of you amazing and that you’re successfully using your iOS devices! I haven’t been posting too much here lately because . . . well . . . there simply hasn’t been anything I thought was worthy of filling your Inbox with. App prices are slowly creeping up. App development seems to have slowed down to a crawl. App practicality doesn’t appear to be earthshaking. Shall I go on?

There are some new apps and developments out that now bear your attention, however. So, let’s just dig in.

Until recently, I’ve been using the Chrome browser with my iOS devices. It’s FREE.

App Store Link:

However, Firefox has just released its new iOS browser and, so far, I like it a lot. It, too, is FREE.

App Store Link:

For those of you who want to add a more powerful workflow technique to your email handling, consider Bee. It allows you to create contact shortcuts (including groups) to your email creation. The basic version is FREE. The upgrade is a whopping $.99.

App Store Link:

I’ve been a fan of several PDF handling apps (iAnnotate and PDF Expert, for example). There’s a new app that I really, really like (especially on the iPad Pro) and it’s called LiquidText. I think you’re going to be amazed. And even more astonishing . . . it’s FREE.

App Store Link:

Do any of you still need to send and receive faxes? If so, you might take a look at Fax Burner. The FREE version allows you to send a receive a limited number of faxes from your device. For most of you, that will be enough.

App Store Link:

Finally, most of you know that I’m a big fan of using the iPad to take handwritten notes. My go-to app used to be Noteshelf. Unfortunately, it has not been optimized to work with the iPad Pro’s larger screen footprint (it continues to look a little fuzzy, in my opinion). So . . . I’m back to Notability! (Added bonus: I can sync notes between the iPhone and iPad.)

App Store Link:

That’s all for now. Here’s to your continued iOS success! – Scott


2 responses to “The iPad Lawyer – Apps Update – 12/3/2015

  1. Andrew R. Morand

    Hi Scott. I’m loving my iPad Pro! It is awesome! Do you know if there is a way to organize/edit the apps the appear on the right side of the screen when you swipe from right to left to open a second app/spit screen? Thanks, Andrew Morand

    Sent from my iPad


    • Andrew – To my knowledge there is no way to actually edit the Slide Over apps that appear. However . . . you can use the Slide Over feature, tap on and open the apps you think you want to use, and those apps will then appear for you readily when you engage Slide Over, again. Bear in mind, not all apps are able to use Slide Over.

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