The iPad Lawyer — Free Reports and Apple Deals

Good morning, all.

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for any information I might have on “deals” for Apple products over this holiday season. Rather than answer one-at-a-time, here is what I’ve been able to find, so far:

Apple iPhone 6 16GB (with contract) ($100) — Best Buy
iPad Mini 2 16GB ($300 Plus $100 Gift Card)  — Target
iPad Mini 3 16GB ($400 Plus $100 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Mini 3 ($75 off all sizes) — Best Buy
iPad Air 16GB ($400 Plus $100 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Air 2 16GB ($500 Plus $140 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Air 2 ($100 off all sizes) — Best Buy
Apple iMac (Entry Level) ($900) — Best Buy
Apple 27″ iMac (8GB/1TB) ($1650) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Air 11″ (Entry Level) ($780) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Air 13″ 256GB ($1050) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 256GB ($1350) — Best Buy

Yours Free . . . A Cheat Sheet for Using Your iPhone and iPad Powerfully, Practically, and Easily

I’ve created another special for Million Dollar iPad blog subscribers. Now I know you’re already a subscriber to The iPad Lawyer blog, so I want you to have the same information. (Of course, you can also be a subscriber to my Million Dollar iPad blog ( if you’d like.)

Simply, I’ve created the Million Dollar iPad Cheat Sheet. The Cheat Sheet is something you can keep by your side and, among other things, I’m giving you my favorite keyboard shortcut creations. By using the Cheat Sheet, you’ll remember the shortcuts in no time. (There are a lot of other great iOS tips and tricks there for you, as well.)


Happy holidays to you and your families. – Scott


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