Oops. There’s a change in schedule.

As you know, tomorrow night Apple was hosting a brand new, invitation only event in Pasadena for me to take you even deeper in your use and the magic of iOS, iPhone, and iPads. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to postpone tomorrow night’s event. Now, don’t worry . . . there are some options for those of you who were going to attend tomorrow night:

1.  You are invited to attend Thursday night’s event in Santa Monica at the Third Street Promenade; or

2.  Wait for the next announcement as to a new presentation date in Pasadena.

Should you wish to attend the event in Santa Monica or just have questions about scheduling, here is the Apple Contact information, again:

Apple – Pasadena – pasadenabusiness@apple.com 626-463-6226

Apple – Third Street Promenade – thirdstreetpromenadebusiness@apple.com 310-633-2673

Thanks. And let me or Apple know if you have any questions. – Scott


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