The iPad Lawyer – News and Apps – 11/10/2014

Happy Monday, iPad Lawyer Tribe.

Just a one app to mention today . . . but, boy, if you’re an attorney this is worth the download.

An app I use all the time in reviewing deposition transcripts is the iPad-only Transcript Pad. This app allows you to import a txt transcript (what you used to call an ASCII disc) and create a complete page/line index of testimony. It’s truly a remarkable time-saving app. Normally, the app is $89.99. Today it is only $49.99. You save $40!!!!!

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

On the iPhone front, I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I know that many have been looking for cases for this larger iDevice. I’ve finally settled, for the moment, on the Sonata Diary from Goospery. You can take a look at the case here:

It is made of leather, has three card slots inside the front cover, and a larger pocket behind those so you can use it as a wallet, as well. The closure is magnetic and you can use the cover as an iPhone stand, as well. I’ve been quite happy so far with the way it handles. In fact, I’ve even been able to use my iPhone with the cover closed and no one has mentioned any loss of signal or muffled sound.

On the accessory front, I found this new messenger bag while in the UK recently:

The Crossbody

Here’s an example of one UK site that sells them:

Finally, I have been asked which on-screen keyboards I have installed on my iDevices in addition to the native iOS offering. Here they are:





That’s it for this fine Monday. Here’s to your continued iDevice success! – Scott


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