The iPad Lawyer – App Deals – 10/3/2014

Happy Friday, iPad Lawyer Tribe.

Boy, have I got some app deals for you, today!!!!!

One of my favorite apps, iThoughts, is all about creating a mind map. And it’s so much more .  .  . I use it as a freeform database, project outliner, to-do list, conversation and telephone call memorializer, etc. It’s really that powerful. Normally, iThoughts is $9.99. Today, it’s only $1.99. You save $8.00.

App Store Link —

App Developer —

If you’re looking for a way to take beautiful handwritten notes, take a look at Notes Plus. There is even an in-app purchase that will allow the app to recognize your handwriting and turn it into text. Normally, this app is $9.99. Today it is $7.99. You save $2.00.

App Store Link —

App Developer —

I’ve written about Magical Pad before — it’s a mind mapping, outlining, visual planning app. It continues on its stock-market-like price fluctuation. Today, you really benefit. Normally, the app is $9.99. Today, it is only $.99. You save $9.00.

App Store Link —

App Developer —

Finally, the second edition of “The Million Dollar iPad: Secrets for Increasing Your Profits, Productivity and Business Performance” remains in the charts in a number of Amazon categories. Thank you for your continued support. Read more about it here:

Here’s to your continued iPad success. – Scott

2 responses to “The iPad Lawyer – App Deals – 10/3/2014

  1. Hi Scott and Co.! Is Scott on vac. Or just his usual busy-self? No “posts” for quite awhile! I had to go to “Apps-gone-free” for my new app fix! Thanks for the Seminars, Apps, education and Apple Tips!!!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Mark — Thanks for writing. I have, indeed, been on vacation. And then gone again for seminars. And gone again next week, too. But . . . I’ll be back and continue giving you all some wonderful tips and tricks and those delightful app recommendations. Cheers.

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