The iPad Lawyer — Today is the release of iOS 8 — Some tips to get through it all

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe.

It’s an exciting day — the release of iOS 8!

I’ve just come off a number of seminars and, naturally, there were lots of questions about Apple’s new operating system. Here are my responses to some of the inquiries . . . BUT FIRST . . .

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR iPAD OR iPHONE BEFORE UPGRADING TO iOS 8. I recommend using iTunes for your manual backup solution.

Okay, onward —

Will iOS 8 work with my iPhone 4?
iOS 8 will work with every generation of the iPhone from the 4s on. Unfortunately, that means the iPhone 4 will not work with the new operating system. iOS 8 will also work with iPads generation 2 and up, all iPad minis, and 5th generation iPod touches.

How much free space do I need to upgrade to the new operating system?
I suggest 3GB of free space. You can free space up by simply deleting apps (you can always download them, again, at a later time).

When will iOS 8 be available?
Well, it’s today. If history serves us, it should be available about 10 a.m. Pacific.

Will I be able to get new Swype-like keyboards right away?
Yes. It is expected that the Swype app, itself, will be in the App Store later today.

On the app front, you are going to want to run and get 1Password (a password manager/generator). I can’t say enough about this app and it is the one I use for all my password needs. Normally, this app is $9.99. Today, it is FREE! You save $9.99.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

On the seminar front, I have just arranged with Apple for one final Fall seminar on October 8, 2014 at it’s Victoria Gardens briefing room in Rancho Cucamonga. I anticipate the event will run from 6-8p. More information to come so stay tuned.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your continued support of my two books, “The iPad Lawyer” and “The Million Dollar iPad.” Both of them remain on the charts. And The Million Dollar iPad hit #1 yesterday!

Enjoy your new operating system! Here’s to your continued iPad success. – Scott


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