The iPad Lawyer – Apps and News – 9/5/2014

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe —

Happy Friday. We’ve got some things to talk about . . .

On the app front, one of my favorite and most powerful apps is iThoughts. At its core, it’s a mindmapping app that let’s you create complex, visual diagrams of your thoughts, to-dos, projects, presentations, and just about anything else you can write about or outline. But . . . it’s so much more than that the way I use it. I use this app to monitor cases, manage workflow at the office, create book and speech outlines, conduct client interviews, etc. I could go on and on. Normally, this app is $9.99. Today, it is only $1.99. You save $8.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

For those interesting in using your iPad for handwritten notes, I’ve mentioned Noteshelf and Notability, before. There’s another app that’s a mighty contender and it’s called Notes Plus.
Normally, this app is $3.99. Today it is only $.99. You save $3.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

And, if you’re not willing to spend $.99 on Notes Plus, the same publisher has another “lite” app called INKredible that will let you see the inking and handwriting experience the larger Notes Plus product provides. It’s FREE.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

Obviously, the big excitement is Apple’s event scheduled for September 9. There are now some rumors floating about that Apple might actually be announcing a new iPad Air in addition to providing information for iOS 8 and the new generation of iPhones. You can see the event, yourself, LIVE at:

The big event will start at 10 a.m. Pacific.

You’ve probably heard about what has been called “The Fappening” in one way or another — the release of hundreds of sexts and nude photographs (or supposed photographs) of celebrities taken from their Cloud accounts. I’m not going to fade into a technical discussion of why this did or did not happen. I’m not even going to rant as to fault. I do think it’s a good reminder of what I tell people in my live events — use your iOS devices and post to the internet never to be ashamed if anything you have written, photographed, created is then shared with the world. Presume that you have no privacy and it is your obligation to be diligent about what you share and store digitally.

That being said, I want to remind you to make certain you are using strong passwords and have activated two-tier authentication for your cloud storage activities.

Finally, I have saved some exciting news for the end. As you know, my book, “The Million Dollar iPad” is now in its second edition at Amazon:

I had intended for the second edition to be free for prior purchasers. Well, Amazon simply isn’t making that happen easily. So . . . to cut through all the red tape and to coincide with the September 9 Apple event, the second edition of “The Million Dollar iPad” will be FREE for that day only. Such an offer doesn’t happen often and it’s my way of simply saying thank you to everyone for supporting my work.

Here’s to your continued iPad success! – Scott

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