The iPad Lawyer Seminars and Apps – 8/12/2014


Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe.

I have one more Apple event coming up in August. If you’ve missed the earlier seminars, this is your last chance to catch up with me until the Fall.

On Wednesday, August 27, I will be appearing at Apple’s Third Street Promenade starting at 6p (1415 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA).

You can reserve your space here ===>


During my seminars, you’ve all heard me say that if I had to have just one app on my iPad it would be Goodreader 4. Well, guess what? This Swiss Army Knife of apps (it does file management, PDF handling, syncs with your cloud service, etc.) is on sale today. Normally, Goodreader 4 is $6.99. Today it is only $2.99. You save $4.00.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Finally, some of you wanted more information on the wireless media drive I’ve been showing during my events. It’s a SanDisk Connect (64GB) Media Drive.  You can read more about it here:

Notice that it has up to 8 hours of charge, works with all your iOS devices, has password protection, and even has a SD card slot. You’ll also want the SanDisk Connect Wireless Mobile Drive App (it’s free):

App Store Link –

Here’s to your continued iPad success! – Scott


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