The iPad Lawyer – Some more free resources for you . . .

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

As part of my continuing dedication to being one of the best technology resources for you to manage your law career and business, I want you to have another source of free technology training from a company I really like: WAMS, Inc. (I’m not an employee, owner, affiliate nor do I get any compensation for referring you to this information – not that that would matter anyway because the information’s so great.)

So, here’s what I want you to take a look at:

CLICK HERE ===> WAMS’ Summer School 2014

You’re getting the following FREE training:

  Session 1: The “Internet of Things” – How Interconnectivity & Universal Wireless Internet Will Drastically Transform the Way We Work and Live

  Session 2: What You Should Pay for IT Support

  Session 3: The Top Security Threats to Firms & How to Avoid Them

√  Session 4: From the Trenches – Live Interviews with People Using Cloud Today in their Office

Here’s to your continued iPad (and technology) success! Let me know how I can continue to be a great resource for you. – Scott

P.S. – I’ve done a webinar for WAMS before and these guys really know their stuff. And they’re nice people, too. I wouldn’t have agreed to work with them if they weren’t.

CLICK HERE ===> WAMS’ Summer School 2014



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