The iPad Lawyer – Happy Anniversary, “Million Dollar iPad” – A Special, Free Gift

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

I’m very excited.

Can you believe it? Today is the one year anniversary of the release of my book, “The Million Dollar iPad: Secrets for Increasing Your Profits, Productivity, and Business Performance.” Time flies.

I can’t thank all of you enough for supporting it and keeping it on Amazon’s Kindle and Books bestsellers lists for this past year! What an awesome thrill. And an amazing honor you have given me.

To celebrate the book’s anniversary and as a special “thank you”gift, I’m releasing a FREE Special Report today: “The 25 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your iPad.” If you’re already a subscriber to The Million Dollar iPad Blog, you’ll be receiving a link to download it later this morning. If you’re not a subscriber and would like the free report, you can sign-up here:

The 25 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your iPad” takes all the training I’ve done over the past 3 years and boils it down into bite-sized learning lessons. Inside the report, you’re going to receive 25 simple yet powerful ideas for saving even more time and being even more productive with your iPad.

Here’s to your continued iPad success! – Scott


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