[iOS at Work Seminar] Only ONE WEEK to go — You Can Sign Up Now

Scott’s “iOS at Work” Seminar Reminder –

I just wanted to remind you that if you’ve been thinking about joining me on June 27 for my ALL NEW “iOS AT WORK” Seminar, now’s the time to register.

Remember, this 3-hour, hands-on, live presentation in my own Rancho Cucamonga conference room is all about showing you my personal workflow tips and incredible app recommendations for saving time and being more profitable. If you’re ready to start figuring out how to use technology the right way, ready to stop spinning your wheels because you think technology is changing so fast, and ready to start seeing real results with your iPad and iPhone, then this might just be the ONE SEMINAR you need to attend.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to do 4 things as soon as possible:

1. Take a look through my Million Dollar iPad Blog so you get a sense of how passionate and involved I am with the iPad and iPhone: http://milliondollaripad.wordpress.com/

2.  Watch the “iOS AT WORK” video clip: http://milliondollaripad.wordpress.com/ios-at-work-video/

3.  Go to the “iOS AT WORK” web page and get the details of what we’ll be covering and what comes with your seminar registration: http://milliondollaripad.wordpress.com/live-seminar/

4.  Click on the “GET STARTED NOW” button to sign up

I trust you’ll be drawn to this seminar. You’re going to learn iPad and iPhone techniques and methods you haven’t even thought of before. And I also know you’ll walk out of this seminar with more confidence in your technology skills, less stress by using apps that I’ve already tested and use myself to manage my businesses and make money, and you’ll have simple, proven workflows for running your own career, meeting client and customer expectations, and showing the world you’re innovative and on the cutting edge.

If you have any questions, please contact me at sgrossberg@cgclaw.com or my Office Manager, Veronica, at 909-483-1850.

Here’s to your continued iPad and iPhone success. – Scott

P.S. – The tips, tricks, and techniques you’re going to learn will increase your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. And it will cause your colleagues and clients to look at you with new respect because you’ll be the person on the “cutting edge.” But . . . you still have to learn this stuff. I know that this is the type of training you’ve been waiting for so take a look at my blog and “iOS at Work” video and web page and judge for yourself.


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