The iPad Lawyer – Rancho Cucamonga Seminar Information

The iOS at Work Seminar

. . . How-To Make Your iPhone and iPad Work for You

by Scott Grossberg

Do you know you could be saving time and being more profitable if you could just figure out how to use technology the right way? You’re not alone.

Most people either don’t have the time to understand what they really need in the way of apps and accessories or they’re just overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information. Stay that way and you won’t keep up with your competition and – worse – your client’s needs and expectations.

Fortunately, there’s an answer.

1.  On June 27 – in my Rancho Cucamonga conference room – I’m offering an incredible 3-hour “iOS AT WORK” seminar. You’re going to learn how to use your iOS devices (your iPad and your iPhone) in your business to save time, be more effective, and be more productive. You’ll walk out with more confidence in your technology, less stress by using apps that I’ve already tested and use myself to manage my businesses and make money, and you’ll have simple, proven workflows for running your own company, meeting client and customer expectations, and showing the people that matter that you’re innovative and on the cutting edge.

2.  You’ll be receiving ALL OF THESE:
Three hours of personal training with me.
You can ask all the questions you want.
Watch me demonstrate specific workflow techniques.
And be sure you’re confident in using your iOS devices.
A continental breakfast.
We’ll make sure you’ve got the fuel to take all this information in and make it a success for you.
A copy of my Kindle book, “The Million Dollar iPad.”
I want to be certain you have additional written material to refer back to and work through any specific needs at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space. You can even put my book on your iPhone and iPad so it’s as mobile as you are.

3.  It’s not just a seminar, it’s a way for you to transform the way you do business. You can become an iPhone and iPad wizard! The way to instantly reduce the amount of time for you to get comfortable with iOS devices in a business setting and to shortcut the learning curve . . . the way to get those faster, simpler, and easier results . . . is to stop following the Law of Insanity. I sound like Einstein when I tell you to quit doing the same things over and over again at work and expecting different results. Stop all the trial-and-error. You’re going to learn field-tested, business-tested, personally-tested iPad and iPhone workflow techniques and be able to instantly put them to work in your own company. It doesn’t even matter what type of business you’re in. This seminar will get you up and running with your iPhone and iPad faster than you can do it yourself.

What to Do To Get The Most Out of Your
IPad and iPhone Right Now
4.  If you’re ready to get started – RIGHT NOW – you can CLICK ON THIS LINK:

5.  If you want to read more about what’s in store for you at my iOS AT WORK event, GO HERE:

6.  The price is only $239. And you’re not only getting me –  you’re getting breakfast and my book, as well. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to discover what you’re going to learn.

How Can You Make Your iDevices Work
For You?

The tips, tricks, and techniques you’re going to learn will increase your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. And it will cause your colleagues and clients to look at you with new respect and you’ll be seen as the person on the “cutting edge.”

But . . . You still have to learn this stuff. That’s done with my unique approach to teaching you all the iPad and iPhone shortcuts and workflow secrets I’ve developed for use in my own businesses. These are the very things that help me be successful and responsive with my clients.

I’ve created this brand new iOS AT WORK seminar to show you how to instantly make your iPad and iPhone incredibly valuable business tools so you can quickly get back to running and flourishing in your career.

You can find out more here.

Here’s to your continued iPad success. – Scott

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