The iPad Lawyer – Apps and Victoria Gardens|Apple Seminar

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe!

I had a great time yesterday at Apple’s “The Grove” location in Los Angeles. I got to meet some spectacular people and got to experience an amazing new location (at least it was new for me). I’ll let you know when I appear there, again.

For those of you in the inland Empire, I will be appearing at Apple’s Victoria Garden’s location on Wednesday, May 14 from 7-9 pm.

Here’s Apple’s promo for the event:

Networking for Legal Professionals

Join fellow legal professionals for this informative networking event and learn how attorneys are successfully using Mac, iPhone, and iPad at work. Scott Grossberg, author of “The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets to Your iPad Success,” will share tips and tricks for using technology to enhance your practice. You’ll also meet our Business Team at this special event designed to grow your knowledge and your business.

These Victoria Gardens events are always packed. Please make sure that you reserve your space by going here ===>
On the app front, I’ve always listed GoodReader as my number one choice for apps. Well, a new version has just been released. GET IT! It’s on sale today for $2.99. That’s a steal. For those of you who’ve already got an earlier version, this new version includes a migration manager that moves all your prior documents and filings to the new version.

I cannot praise this app enough. It truly is my Swiss Army knife of apps and serves as my file manager for documents.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

You’ve also heard me speak about MagicalPad HD. You can mindmap, take notes, and create great outlines with this app. Normally, this is $9.99. Today it is only $.99. You save $9.00!

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Well, that’s all for the moment. Now, go out and make it a MILLION DOLLAR day! – Scott


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  1. Thanks, Scott

    Have a great day (week, month, year …). 🙂


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