The iPad Lawyer – Apps and The Grove | Apple Seminar

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe!

I always talk about using your iPad as a pen and pad replacement. Many of you have seen me demonstrate this live. Well, today one of the primary tools that I use – Notability – is FREE! Normally, this app is $2.99. You pay nothing. But you MUST download and use this now.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Fresh on the heels of Microsoft’s various app releases, Google has released Google Docs for your iPad. It allows you to create, view, and edit Google Docs from your mobile device (you can also view and edit them offline). It’s FREE.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Likewise, Google has released its spreadsheet app – Google Sheets. It, too, is FREE.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Last night’s Apple event in Pasadena is being rescheduled. I will provide you with the new date and time. As many of you know, the area where I live was besieged by a huge 1,000+ acre fire. 1,600 homes were evacuated and many more were placed on alert.
For those of you who live in Los Angeles, I will be appearing for Apple in the morning on May 8 at The Grove. This is the first time we’ve partnered together for an early morning presentation. Here are the details:

May 8, 2014
9-10:30 am
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Now, go out and make it a MILLION DOLLAR day! – Scott


2 responses to “The iPad Lawyer – Apps and The Grove | Apple Seminar

  1. Thanks, Scott …


    Sent from my iPad –

    Pete Riley
    Management Advisory Services

    “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest….”
    … Mark Twain

  2. Hi Scott we hope you, family and friends are OK and safe from the fires! Am seminars a great idea but we have too many appointments to escape to the Grove! We would run to an early am seminar on a weekend in a heartbeat if you and Apple were to offer!!! Thanks again for the new invite for the Magic Castle! Peace and may the apps be with you!

    Sent from my iPad


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