The iPad Lawyer Seminar and App News – 04-18-2014

Happy Friday, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

April 30, I will be appearing at Apple’s Pasadena location. Here’s Apple’s promo for it:

Maximize Your Business with iOS: Scott Grossberg

Join us for this special business event focused on using iPhone and iPad in business, and learn how iOS delivers a powerful, yet simple integrated experience. Scott Grossberg, bestselling author of “The Million Dollar iPad“ and “The iPad Lawyer,” will share tips on how to use Apple products to manage your business, go paperless, and truly respond to the fast-growing needs of a mobile lifestyle.

You can RESERVE YOUR SPACE here ===>


On the app front, you’ll want to check out Contacts Journal CRM (the iPad version).  It really is an elegant customer relations management tool and one that I use all the time. Normally, the app is $19.99. Today it is only $9.99. You save $10.00.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Now, go out and make it a million dollar day. – Scott


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