FREE iPad Lawyer Webinar – Would You Like an Unfair Technology Advantage?<<<I’m Obsessed With the iPad

Greetings, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

I’m picky about who I partner with for iPad Lawyer presentations. In fact, I sound a little like Richard Branson when I say, “you can’t do a good business with bad people.” Well . . . I’ve found some people I really like and together we’ve decided to offer you some FREE iPad and technology training. Did I say FREE? Yes, I did!

So, here’s the scoop –

WAMS (a technology and law firm consulting company that’s been in business since 1974) and I will be presenting the following webinar:

How to Use the iPad in Your Firm
Thursday, April 10
11:00 a.m. Pacific

You’re going to be so excited as you learn:

  • The top 6 must-have apps I personally use on a daily basis to run my firm
  • How to create a workflow on your iPad that enables you to productively and safely use your iPad to work
  • The single most secure way to get your entire IT network (data, business apps, programs, email…) delivered to your iPad anywhere and at any time

My portion of this presentation will be all about making the iPad a powerful law firm and litigation management tool for you. I don’t make these kinds of appearances nor do I give this type of content away for FREE that often. HINT: I’m going to tip some of my most powerful iPad app weapons during this event.

While the event is FREE, you do have to reserve your webinar spot. And you can do that now by clicking on this link ===>

I look forward to having you join WAMS and me for this one-of-a-kind webinar. The complimentary information you’ll be getting is really going to elevate your business and your life. – Scott

P.S. – Stop wondering. I’m not a WAMS affiliate and I’m not getting paid by them. I’m a picky consumer just like you. I’m participating in this webinar because I’m just passionate about the iPad and I get to work with some pretty cool tech people.

P.P.S. – So you get to know WAMS a little more, I asked them to send me a little write-up to tease, excite, and entice you to join us. So, let me turn it over to WAMS . . .

Your Entire IT Network On Your iPad

Scott has found a great workflow that enables him to use his iPad to work anywhere and at any time. Recently, we were able to sit down with Scott and show him yet another tool that we think attorneys in any size firm could take advantage of in order to practice law on their iPad. He asked me to put together a brief article that highlights some of the features of Cloud Connect, and I was happy to do so!

In a nutshell, the WAMS Cloud Connect is a turnkey cloud computing solution that streams your entire network to any device (PC, laptop, tablet, Mac, smart phone, etc.) at any time. You access your fully hosted desktop with a simple, secure login. All of the computing power is housed in an off-site, protected data center with military-grade security measures.

Your IT network plays a crucial role in your firm’s success, but it shouldn’t consume your resources. Imagine making your IT a simple utility instead of a complex system to maintain. The WAMS cloud computing solution delivers your entire network securely, reliably and cost effectively. Here’s a few key benefits WAMS Cloud Connect provides…

1. WAMS Cloud Connect Helps Your Bottom Line
Tired of buying new servers, upgrading software and trying to keep up with technology? Now your firm can enjoy enterprise-level technology without all the hassle. WAMS ManagedCARE Cloud Connect makes IT affordable.

• Reduce capital expenditures and maintenance
• Scalable – use only what you need
• Focus resources on business initiatives
• Reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint

2. Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere
Whether you’re at your office, at your home or on the golf course, your entire network is at your fingertips. WAMS Cloud Connect delivers a virtual office, regardless of location or device.

• Work from a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smart phone
• Replace desktops with thin clients
• 24/7 worldwide secure access
• Say goodbye to VPNs and remote login software

3. A Secure Choice
The WAMS cloud computing solution is built on industry leading data centers worldwide to ensure high availability and security. Your data is encrypted and no longer vulnerable to disasters, theft or hardware failures.

• Control access to your network by user, location, device or time
• Daily back-up of your entire network
• Two-factor authentication for advanced security

4. Company Software Packages? Not A Problem!
WAMS Cloud Connect delivers everything from common office software, accounting packages, time and billing applications, and even custom-developed applications your company uses today. Our cloud solution is a flexible approach to handle ALL of your apps, data, e-mail, and company files.

• Company-specific databases
• Latest Microsoft Office suite
• Enable greater collaboration

5. No More Servers
Free yourself from the limitation of your hardware. WAMS Cloud Connect delivers the computing resources you need when you want. You can now focus on profit-generating solutions and avoid the risk of owning and maintaining infrastructure.

• Our cloud powers your network
• Extend life of devices
• Easy user management and access

6. Downtime Is Not Included
With your firm’s dependence on technology, downtime is not acceptable. WAMS Cloud Connect delivers your network on enterprise-level platforms. The level of redundancy and safeguards in place are beyond what has been available to most businesses in the past.

• Highly secure tier 4 data centers
• Redundant hardware, cooling and connectivity
• Multi-site replication available
• 24/7 live support

The WAMS cloud computing solution is turnkey cloud solution for firms. Just like there are many pieces to an on-site business network, the same is true for cloud computing. There are hundreds of cloud products out on the market (servers, back-up, spam filtering, anti-virus, e-mail, etc.) but these mean nothing to a business if they still have to put all of these pieces together and manage it all. WAMS Cloud Connect takes all the moving pieces in the Cloud and delivers a business’s entire network (E-mail, Data, Apps) to virtually any device, anywhere.

If you’re interested in learning more about WAMS Cloud Connect, please visit or reach out to us at (800) 421-7151 or

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