The iPad Lawyer News – 03-17-2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Microsoft has finally released a OneNote client for Mac and it’s FREE:

Here’s the iPad version:

And here’s the iPhone version:

And here’s one more alternative:

In pre-iPad days, I used OneNote for most of my digital notebooking needs. It’s a marvelous free-form notetaking tool that allows you a lot of flexibility.

Now go out and make it a successful day. – Scott

2 responses to “The iPad Lawyer News – 03-17-2014

  1. This my first real attempt to use an iPad (tried with original and 3) but I have to say that it has the best “typing on glass” experience of all of the others I have used. (HP 27xx, Surface Pro and Pro 2, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Samsung Series 7 Slate, Samsung 500, HP Slate 500, HTC Flyer, Nook HD, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Asus Vivotab Note 8 – yes, I’ve had them all, some quickly returned within their expiration dates). If you look at it as a hybrid experience, then the Zaggkeys Cover is better than any except the Surface. Type Cover 2, and there it is a draw because of the Type. Cover’s ability to be a cover as well. There is no doubt I’ll use the Zagg for real iOffice sessions, but Apple gets a surprising thumbs up for its glass experience.

    • Dale – Thanks for the comment. I have moved from the ZAGG keyboard to the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard because I was having a repeat character challenge with the ZAGG unit (others have documented the problem, as well). I was just shown a great keyboard by Brookstone, as well. It’s a folio setup and is a bit thicker than the Ultrathin unit but the keyboard and iPad, itself, are both attached to the folio through magnets. Very, very slick.

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