iPad Lawyer News – FREE Encore Call Tomorrow!

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Wow! Last night’s complimentary training called Stop Losing Time and Money – MASTER Your iPad and Take Your Law Practice to THE NEXT LEVEL! was truly amazing! We had over 70 people who signed up and tuned in. If you were part of the audience, you know that you walked away with SPECIFIC strategies on how to use your iPad to create a powerful law practice. (And the crazy thing about all this? You learned tips and tricks you’re able to easily use TODAY.)

If you missed out on the call, you’re in luck — we’re hosting an encore tomorrow (December 14) at 2:00 pm Pacific | 5:00 pm Eastern. You can still reserve your spot here: http://eepurl.com/HeMZ5

Or get more information about this event here: https://theipadlawyer.wordpress.com/free-tele-training

On the app front, there’s a wonderful all-in-one app called MagicalPad HD. It’s a notebook . . . and so much more. It lets you create outlines, notes, mindmaps, to-dos, etc. It really is an intriguing app. Normally, this app is $19.99. Today, it is only $9.99. You save $10.00.

App Store Link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magicalpad-hd/id463731782

Publisher Link – http://www.magicalpad.com

That’s it for now. – Scott

4 responses to “iPad Lawyer News – FREE Encore Call Tomorrow!

  1. Thanks Scott.

    I enjoyed (except for the WordPerfect bashing) and learned.


    Robert L. Kress

    City Attorney

    La Verne and San Gabriel

    (909) 593-9638

    • Glad you could join us, Bob. It wasn’t really WP bashing as much as a reality conversation. At the moment, there just isn’t a WP app that allows you to effectively and efficiently work with that particular wordprocessing program on an iPad. Most lawyers (and their support staff) are anchored to WP because of the reveal/formatting codes. You can do much, if not all of the same thing, using alternative apps that work with an iPad.

  2. Scott:  I have an IPAD bought for me by my children. I don’t know how to use it at all.  Will I be able to follow along and get useful information from your seminar.

    70 years old and technologically in the dark ages.

    • Robert – You WILL be able to follow along. More importantly, you will be able to download the recording of the teleseminar for listening to at your leisure and so you can easily follow along on your iPad. – Scott

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