iPad Lawyer News – FREE Teletraining This Thursday! and an INCREDIBLE Word Processing App – 12/9/2013

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

If you’ve been following me, then you know that this coming Thursday I’m doing something COMPLETELY NEW. I’ve worked very closely with my team of consultants and put together a FREE TELETRAINING specifically designed to show you some of my personal choices for iPad apps and help you master Apple’s magical little tablet. It’s called “Stop Losing Time and Money – MASTER Your iPad and Take Your Law Practice to THE NEXT LEVEL!” The teletraining will take place on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm Pacific | 9:00 pm Eastern and it will last from 60-90 minutes depending on questions that might be asked.

You can read more about this event here: https://theipadlawyer.wordpress.com/free-tele-training

And if you’re ready to just cut to the chase and reserve your seat for my brand new teletraining here’s the link for that: http://eepurl.com/HAsT5

For those of you who’ve already signed up, please check your inbox for one prior email and two more that are coming in advance of the teletraining. These emails will contain specific instructions on how to join me LIVE by phone or through the internet.

You’re going to love this teletraining. And this is THE call to be on if you want to learn at least 45 apps that I’m personally using to run my law firm. In fact, these are the apps that I use to manage my business and personal life while I travel around the world (and even at 30,000 feet above the ground).

Let me first tell you what I’ve got planned to share with you on the call on the 12th. On this ground‐breaking call I’ll teach you my ALL latest and greatest, including:

1)   The APPS YOU NEED to use to save time and manage your law practice (these are the exact apps that I use)

2)   How using social media from your iPad will make you APPROACHABLE and help you STAND OUT from your competition (most attorneys don’t do this!)

3)   An overview of my iPad Success System™ (THE FORMULA I USE to determine which apps, accessories, and workflow systems I will enjoy)

4)   My secret to going paperless (this is what has allowed me new FREEDOM and CONNECTION with my office, my clients, and my SANITY)

Like I said, this is a BRAND‐NEW call and I’m including LOTS of fresh stuff. So even if you’ve been to one of my live events before and think you’ve heard this, you haven’t,

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.


As to apps, I’m excited to let you know that an incredible word processing app is on sale today. UX Write is now my go-to word processing app. I really like this one and all the options and formatting it offers. Want to see it in action? Take a look at the demo:


Normally, UX Wrtite costs $24,99. Today it is only $9.99. You save $15.00.

App Store Link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ux-write-ipad-word-processor/id538278306?mt=8

Publisher Link – http://www.uxproductivity.com/word-processor-for-ipad-and-iphone#.UqXSqo1RYp8

That’s it for now. I can’t wait for you to join me on the call! – Scott

P.S. – As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself if you’ve spent the time necessary to try and figure out how to turn your iPad from a toy into a business tool on your own) using an iPad powerfully and effectively in your law practice is easier said than done. Let me save you time and frustration as I walk you through my steps to turning your iPad into a productivity powerhouse! Here’s that complimentary teletraining link again:


P.P.S. – I suggest reserving your space for this FREE CALL even if you’re not sure you can make the live session. You’ll not only have access to the recording (which will be tremendously valuable when you’re ready to put your iPad to work) but you’ll ALSO have access to my blog and additional training tools. And you never know, there might be additional things I’ll be adding to this complimentary training! http://eepurl.com/HAsT5

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