Seminar Reminder – Apple Presentation TONIGHT!


For those of you in the Inland Empire and surrounding area –

Have you signed up for Apple’s FREE presentation TONIGHT (7-9p) at the Victoria Gardens’ Briefing Center? (that’s right, Apple is making this complimentary for everyone)

The Apple Victoria Gardens Briefing Center is one of my FAVORITE places to present and I’m very excited to be back to partner with Apple and help you be fully mobile and paperless.

Maybe you’d LOVE to easily manage and control the course of your business from the road . . .

Or maybe you’d like to just cut down on how much paper is being wasted and handled in your office on a daily basis . . .

Perhaps you’ve realized that your real problem is learning how to quickly access and retrieve your “stuff” so that all that data, documentation, and information you keep saving is actually useable.

Whatever your reason for using technology to help build and sustain your business, one thing is certain . . .

. . . you want to learn how to wield your iPad, iPhone, laptop, and desktop devices with certainty and power!

Sound like you? Then don’t miss TONIGHT’S exclusive going paperless seminar. And, I’m even going to be giving you some amazing tips on apps that I use on a daily business.

This is your LAST CHANCE to reserve your seat. Here’s that link, again:

And there is NEW CONTENT I’m providing! So, if you think you’ve heard me speak before, you haven’t. By the end of our time together, you’ll have the same powerful tips and tricks that I use to catapult your business to the next level of success.

I’ll see you tonight. This is going to be great! And, if for any reason the event is already full, contact me and I’ll “see” what I can do to ensure you’re able to attend. With Apple’s announcement yesterday about the new releases, this event is too important to miss. – Scott

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