iPad Lawyer News | Seminar in Santa Monica – 9/23/2013

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe!

The ninth video in my iPad Lawyer Micro-Training series is now up. In it I talk about how I rip video for use on my iPad. As a reminder, in order to access the Free Micro-Training page videos, you must use a password. You only get a password if you are signed up as a follower of The iPad Lawyer Blog. The iPad Lawyer Micro-Training is exclusive for followers of the iPad Lawyer blog. Please don’t share this private training page with anyone else.

On the Seminar front, I will be appearing for an Apple live event on Wednesday, September 25 at the Third Street Promenade Briefing Room in Santa Monica from 6-8p. Once again, I will be sharing some of my best-kept secrets for saving time and making money with Apple! Bring your questions. Bring your excitement. Most of all . . . bring yourself to this event. And Apple is making this FREE for you! Call Apple for reservations as seats are limited: 310-633-2670.

By now you have probably updated to iOS 7. One of the most exciting benefits of this new iOS is the ability to put more icons/apps into one folder. Go ahead. Give it a shot. You do this the same way you created folders in the first place. Only now, you can have multiple pages of apps in one place.

Some of you might have found it challenging to locate Spotlight after the update.  From any primary screen (the ones with apps or folders on them), simply swipe down. Voila!

Don’t forget that iOS 7 now provides automatic app updates. You can turn that off by going to Settings if you’re troubled by updates being self-activating.

For those who might be looking for parallax wallpapers, take a look at these two offerings:



Enjoy the new Micro-Training and I look forward to seeing you at the September 25 Apple Store Event in Santa Monica!

All my best.

– Scott Grossberg

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