New iPad Lawyer Micro-Training is Up | News

Good morning, iPad Lawyer Tribe!

The sixth video in my iPad Lawyer Micro-Training series is now up. It shows you how to create and use folders. As a reminder, in order to access the Free Micro-Training page videos, you must use a password. You only get a password if you are signed up as a follower of The iPad Lawyer Blog. The iPad Lawyer Micro-Training is exclusive for followers of the iPad Lawyer blog. Please don’t share this private training page with anyone else.

On the app front, Calendars+ by Readdle is FREE today. Normally, this calendar app is $6.99. However, the publisher is offering this for free in making way for a new calendar app and upsale. Whether you eventually move on to the newer product, this one is worth looking at.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

For those of you who might cross-over into the medical field (yes, there are some of you who have combined your medical and legal careers), you might find the following app interesting: msPad. It’s listed on the publisher’s website as $4.99. However, it seems to be reduced today down to $.99. This is one of those apps that I have not personally tested. But it sounds fascinating. It apparently allows you to download your own PDF form and then use medical symbols as shortcuts for text entry. Take a look.

App Store Link –

Publisher’s Site –

Finally, while it was originally rumored that Apple would release the next generation of iPads at its upcoming September event, it now appears the iPad 5 won’t actually be announced nor released until October and certainly before the holiday season.

Enjoy the new Micro-Training! All my best. – Scott Grossberg


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    Have a great weekend.


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    Pete Riley

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