My New Book, “The Million Dollar iPad,” will be FREE for 2 Days!

Want My New Book FREE?

On July 30, I started “The Million Dollar iPad” Give-Something-Away Challenge. I was humbled by the many posts, private message, and emails that I received chronicling the great things you all are doing for others. Well . . . what better way to honor the contributions each of you have made to the world than to offer my new ebook, “The Million Dollar iPad,” FREE FOR TWO DAYS. Starting Labor Day, September 2, and through Tuesday, September 3, “The Million Dollar iPad” will be FREE on Amazon. That’s right! FREE! It’s my way of staying true to my message of giving and celebrating all that you mean to me.

Of course there’s a catch . . . you have to go to Amazon on Monday or Tuesday and actually order and download the ebook. Here’s the link:

I’ve never offered one of my books for FREE before. So, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. And, go ahead and spread the word. Tell your friends so that this makes a real impact around the world.

Not sure what “The Million Dollar iPad” is about? If you’re looking for the perfect way to to finally take control of your iPad, and efficiently and effectively use it in a business setting, “The Million Dollar iPad” is for you. The amazing part of this FREE gift to you is that I’m giving away my surefire iPad shortcuts, insanely practical app recommendations, and even my own secrets for presenting wirelessly. I’ve been told by some that I’m crazy for giving this all away. But, I can’t think of a more gratifying thing to do. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Again, here’s the link to use Monday and Tuesday:

Cheers. – Scott

P.S. – The Million Dollar iPad is in Kindle format. That means you can read my book on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone devices simply by downloading the right app from Amazon ( To paraphrase Amazon: Buy The Million Dollar iPad Once, Read It Everywhere.


2 responses to “My New Book, “The Million Dollar iPad,” will be FREE for 2 Days!

  1. Thanks Scott for the FREE book!

  2. Thanks, Scott …

    Have a great Labor Day Holiday …


    Sent from my iPad –

    Pete Riley

    “If Dogs don’t go to Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went …”
    … Will Rogers

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