iPad Lawyer News | Seminars Updates – 8/15/2013

Greetings, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Here are some apps to take a look at today!

First, many of you have heard me talk about Notability. This is one of my go-to apps for taking handwritten notes. And it does so much more. Now it is available for use across iOS devices. This means you can use and sync it with your iPhone, as well! The app is $2.99.

App Store Link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/notability-take-notes-annotate/id360593530?mt=8

Publisher’s Site – http://www.gingerlabs.com/

MagicalPad – Notes with Paper Inside is one of those apps that simply fascinates me (of course, the word “magical” in the name helps). It is an outliner, note taking app, mind mapping tool, and checklist all rolled into one. It has not yet replaced some of my other apps but I do have it on my iPad because . . . well . . . take a look yourself and you’ll see whether this is one of those apps that is so intriguing you just can’t wait to work with it. It is on sale today for $7.99. It is normally $19.99.

App Store Link − https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magicalpad-notes-paper-inside/id463731782?mt=8

Publisher’s Link – http://www.magicalpad.com/

So many people are still playing around with their iPads and just can’t figure out how to turn their “toy” into a solid business “tool.” Or they come to one of my shorter presentations, get inspired, and then stall because they want to dig deeper and don’t have enough information. For this reason, I am going offer another one of my three-hour hands-on and incredibly practical iPad Lawyer seminars on Friday, September 13 at my Rancho Cucamonga offices. I will be providing you with my insanely realistic and easy-to-implement workflow tips and tricks. When you implement my techniques and use the apps that are suggested, you will be well on your way to being an iPad Wizard once and for all. There’s more information coming that will outline what you’ll discover and all the added bonuses from attending this seminar. In the meantime, SPACE IS LIMITED. If you want to act now and set aside September 13 to join me, contact my Office Manager, Veronica Speed at 909-483-1850 or email her at vspeed@cgclaw.com.

I have also just added a new Apple Briefing Room live event. This time I will be appearing at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The event will be September 25 from 6-8 p.m. Again, more information is coming your way in the near future.

By the way, if you’re too busy to come to one of my live events, that’s absolute proof that you need my workflow tips and tricks.

Have a great day and enjoy the apps! – Scott

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