iPad Lawyer News – 6/25/2013

Greetings iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Here are some of the latest deals going on with apps that I personally use.

Periodically, Pocket Informant Pro (normally $14.99) goes on sale. Today, the price is $9.99 (a $5 savings). Pocket Informant Pro is my calendar/task/contact/notes app of choice at the moment.


Now for some FREE stuff!

Recording Pro, normally $1.99, is FREE today.


MagicalPad is a new way of organizing your thoughts and is normally $7.00. Today it is FREE.


Now, here’s an app you might not be expecting – Save the Cat! Lite. It’s originally for scriptwriters. But . . . you can’t go wrong downloading this FREE version and looking at the story beats. Use Blake Snyder’s system to enhance how you tell your client’s story.


Well, that’s quite a bit for today, don’t you think? And this continues to be only the beginning of our adventure together.

Cheers. – Scott


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