iPad Lawyer News – 5/21/2013

Greetings iPad Lawyer Tribe –

For those who want to create audio recordings on your iPad in MP3, AAC, CAF, or WAV formats, Recording Pro is FREE today. Normally this app is $1.99. It’s not the best recording app out there, but now that’s it’s free, it might be worth your time to explore. You can get it here:


And here is some update news!

TextExpander – the wonderful typing shortcut tool for both your desktop (Mac) and iPad (iOS) now supports fill-ins on the iPad. I use TextExpander every single day to enhance my productivity and be more effective and consistent.

The desktop version ($34.95) can be found here:


The iPad app ($4.99) can be found here:


The true power of TextExpander, for me, is using the iOS and Mac versions together. I don’t recommend one without the other. Unfortunately, there is no PC version.

Finally, Pocket Informant Pro ($14.99) has just gotten a makeover and update.


There are too many new and updated features of this app to list here. Go to the link, above, and read all that this wonderful calendaring, contact management, task, and note tool can do for you. Pocket Informant Pro is my current go-to calendar  and reminder app. For those who have been to my live events, you have seen how important it is to have your tasks actually show up in your calendar. Pocket Informant Pro let’s you do just that.

That’s all for today. Go out and make your iPad a powerful part of your day! – Scott


2 responses to “iPad Lawyer News – 5/21/2013

  1. Ralph Williams, III, Esq.


    Now that you are the iPad lawyer, here is a question, my iPhone counts email in my inbox, my iPad does not. Solution?

    Best, Ralph

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Ralph –

      Before I can help with this, let me know (if you can):

      1. Is this something new or has this always been the case?
      2. Whether you are using an Exchange Server? If so, what version are you using? There are noted challenges with Exchange 2007.
      2. Have you tried deleting your email account from the iPad and re-adding it, again?
      3. By any chance, are you leaving your email open on your iPad and then checking/deleting/responding on another device/unit?

      If you can give me a little more to work with, I can see what I can figure out for you.

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