iPad Lawyer News – 5/6/2013

Greetings, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Welcome to many new members – some of whom were attendees at my recent iPad Lawyer presentation for the Condemnation Attorneys Group. They hosted a marvelous event at The Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

Here is a FREE app that is available for you today:

HT Professional Recorder (normally $6.99) – this turns your iPad or iPhone into an audio recording device. And you can email your recordings.

For those of you who give presentations, I readily encourage you to check out these FREE apps:

Haiku Deck – This has become my starting point for most presentations. I then transfer it to Keynote for further tweaking and customization.

SlideShark – Allows you to upload a PowerPoint presentation to the SlideShark server and then share it by email or with on demand viewing.

Deck Slideshow Presentations – I love the animation capabilities of this app.

You have heard me talk about iAnnotate as one of my MUST-HAVE apps. Well, today its price has dropped from $9.99 to $4.99!

Finally, here are my upcoming iPad Lawyer events:

May 10 –  “Get Me Going” iPad Lawyer Program (3 Hours) – HURRY AND SIGN UP NOW. THERE ARE ONLY 4 SEATS LEFT.
Rancho Cucamonga

May 15 –  “The iPad Lawyer Introductory Course” (1 Hour)
Hosted by the Pasadena Bar Association

May 22 – “Using Apple Technology To Grow Your Law Practice” (1 Hour)
Rancho Cucamonga
Hosted by Apple Inc.

May 24 – “Get Me Going” iPad Lawyer Program (3 Hours)
Century City
Hosted by PMA Dispute Resolution & Sarnoff Discovery Services

May 31 – “Get Me Going” iPad Lawyer Program (3 Hours)
Costa Mesa
Hosted by PMA Dispute Resolution & Sarnoff Discovery Services

June 7 – Advanced iPad Lawyer Workshop (3 Hours)
Rancho Cucamonga

The Advanced iPad Lawyer Workshop, by the way, is going to be just that – a workshop. Bring your own iPad and I will be showing you my personal workflow with:

Notesy – Capture notes and ideas and then sync them across devices using Dropbox. This app is also my TIMESHEET while I’m on the go.

GoodReader – The Swiss Army Knife of apps in my opinion. This is the app that I use as my case management and litigation notebook.

iThoughtsHD – Creating impressive and insanely practical mindmaps, capturing the contents of meetings, outlining, and on and on.

Contacts Journal – It’s time for you to put together a powerful client relations management strategy. This app will help with that.

Email Signature Pro – If you’re going to be using your iPad for work, then you must look professional. This app is what I use for attaching my customized signature to my email.

Notability – That’s right, you can now replace your pen and legal pad and go digital.

I will also be talking about various calendar, contacts, and reminders/tasks techniques so that you have powerful scheduling and organization tools on the road.

If you would like to attend any of these seminars, please give my Office Manager, Veronica Speed, a call at 909-483-1850 or email me at sgrossberg@cgclaw.com.

All my best. – Scott Grossberg

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