iPad Lawyer News – 4/16/2013

If you want to be more productive . . .

If you want to be more profitable . . .

If you want to have some fun in the process . . .

Sign up right now for one of our upcoming


in San Bernardino, Los Angeles or Orange County

Learn how to finally transform your iPad from being a toy into a phenomenal business tool!

Dear Friend –

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, this invitation isn’t for those who follow the Law of Insanity. This isn’t for those who want to keep business as usual or who hate technology.

This is for the rest of us – the legal professional who, like me, works hard and wants to take their law firm or personal practice to the next level of success. This is for those of you who might be a bit leery of their iPad but deep down inside know that, in order to compete in today’s marketplace, the use of such technology in business is inevitable. This invitation is for those of you who aren’t afraid to learn new things and put new skills immediately to work in exciting and fruitful ways. And this is for those who have already gotten to know your iPad yet want to get some unequaled personal instruction from me together with my own tips and tricks that will make your iPad just that much more powerful.

I am, once again, offering my 3-hour “The iPad Lawyer” seminar in Southern California. And, thanks to PMA Dispute Resolution and Sarnoff Discovery Services, they are being presented in Los Angeles and Orange Counties FOR THE FIRST TIME! There are two flyers attached – one for the seminar on May 10 in Rancho Cucamonga and one for the seminars to be held at PMA Dispute Resolution’s Century City and Costa Mesa offices on May 24 and May 31, respectively. SPACE IS LIMITED and I know that the available seats will be reserved fast. So, if you’re interested, give my office manager, Veronica Speed, a call at 909-483-1850 or write us at seminars@cgclaw.com and GET REGISTERED!

One more thing . . . the iPad Lawyer seminar has now been approved for 2.5 California MCLE credits!

I can’t say it any other way. Never has there been a faster, more practical, and more fun way to learn how to put your iPad to use in your law practice. And never has there been a more well-timed moment to do so than right now. Give us a call!

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