iPad Lawyer News – 1/31/2013

Greetings iPad Lawyer Tribe –

I ordinarily don’t send out another email this quickly on the heels of another one. But . . . One of my favorite apps has gone FREE today:


I paid full-price for mine and I would, again. You don’t have to.

This app has one of the best handwriting engines out there. You will want to use a stylus, by the way.

Now this hasn’t replaced Noteshelf for me. However, Penultimate is the app that I use for down-and-dirty, quick, efficient notes. And it now syncs with Evernote (which is the parent company).

Although not free, Pocket Informant Pro has a price-drop today from $14.99 to $8.99 (a savings of $6). You’ve heard me talk about Agenda Calendar before as one of my favorite calendar apps. Well, Pocket Informant Pro has now
moved into the Number 1 spot for me! You can take a look at Pocket Informant Pro here:


Finally, I don’t normally talk about health-related apps. However, the app that I personally use everyday has gone FREE, as well. Normally, $4.99, runtastic PRO tracks your running and walking and so much more. You can even
have a custom playlist of songs. Take a look at the app here:


Enjoy. – Scott Grossberg

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