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Scott Grossberg to Speak at Apple Store on February 20, 2013

CGC is excited to announce that on Wednesday, February 20th, Scott Grossberg will be appearing again as part of an Apple Store, Victoria Gardens exclusive event from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Scott will be speaking about how he has successfully utilized the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini in the legal industry.  Simply, this event is designed to make you more successful.   Scott’s last events were filled with spectacular information and personal interaction. This presentation will, no doubt, take your practice to the next level, as well. You don’t want to miss this!

Here is the official information from Apple in case you wish to contact Apple to ensure your place at this special session. RSVP to

When: February 20, 2013

Time: 7-9 pm

Location:  Apple Store – Victoria Gardens, 12505 South Main Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Phone:  909-803-5220


iPad Lawyer News – 1/31/2013

Greetings iPad Lawyer Tribe –

I ordinarily don’t send out another email this quickly on the heels of another one. But . . . One of my favorite apps has gone FREE today:


I paid full-price for mine and I would, again. You don’t have to.

This app has one of the best handwriting engines out there. You will want to use a stylus, by the way.

Now this hasn’t replaced Noteshelf for me. However, Penultimate is the app that I use for down-and-dirty, quick, efficient notes. And it now syncs with Evernote (which is the parent company).

Although not free, Pocket Informant Pro has a price-drop today from $14.99 to $8.99 (a savings of $6). You’ve heard me talk about Agenda Calendar before as one of my favorite calendar apps. Well, Pocket Informant Pro has now
moved into the Number 1 spot for me! You can take a look at Pocket Informant Pro here:

Finally, I don’t normally talk about health-related apps. However, the app that I personally use everyday has gone FREE, as well. Normally, $4.99, runtastic PRO tracks your running and walking and so much more. You can even
have a custom playlist of songs. Take a look at the app here:

Enjoy. – Scott Grossberg

SCOTT GROSSBERG’s book, “The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success” is now available on!

The Future of iPad Use for Lawyers is Here!

SCOTT GROSSBERG’s book, “The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success” is now available on! 

Scott’s book was written to help take lawyers and those in the legal community to the next level of accomplishment with the remarkable technology tool we all know as the iPad. You’ll find it to be an indispensable resource if you’re an attorney, legal assistant, law clerk, or legal secretary who wants to be more productive, more profitable . . . and have fun in the process!

Of course, there is an alternative, as well, if you want the PDF version with an accompanying 90-minute audio download. Just go to:

If you don’t know already, Scott has done all the heavy lifting for you; spending countless hours figuring out the features of the iPad and learning how to apply those benefits to the legal community! He has field tested many, many, many different iPad apps and, in this book, you will learn all the various ways you can use free and paid apps to accomplish what you need to achieve.

“The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success” finally brings iPad use within easy and powerful reach of those who want to ensure they remain viable in the fast-changing legal environment. “This book provides every working lawyer with the technology tools they need to transform their iPad from a toy into a compelling and money-making business tool,” said Grossberg.

iPad Lawyer News – 1/29/2013

Greetings iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Three major things to announce today!

First, an update to your iPad operating system has been released by Apple. IOS 6.1 can now be installed on your iPad by doing the following:

Follow the install instructions (you will likely want to have your iPad attached to its charger)

According to Apple, this firmware update includes bug fixes, as well as some key features and improvements such as:

– LTE support for more carriers

– Enables purchase of movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (USA only)

– Helps iTunes Match subscribers to download individual songs from iCloud

– New button helps reset the Advertising Identifier

– An improved set-up wizard confirming the user’s Apple ID and password for iMessage and FaceTime

– Improvements to Passbook

– A “Voice Dial Only” switch for Siri preventing it from carrying out any task other than calling contacts

– Bluetooth keyboard compatibility for the Apple TV

Second, “The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success” is now available on! As you know, my book was written to help take lawyers and those in the legal community to the next level of accomplishment with the remarkable technology tool we all know as the iPad. You’ll find it to be an indispensable resource if you’re an attorney, legal assistant, law clerk, or legal secretary who wants to be more productive, more profitable . . . and have fun in the process!

“The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets For Your iPad Success” is available here from Amazon:

Of course, if you want the PDF version (with the accompanying 90-minute audio download), you should go to:

If you don’t know already, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you; spending countless hours figuring out the features of the iPad and learning how to apply those benefits to the legal community! I have field tested many, many, many different iPad apps and, in this book, you will learn all the various ways you can use free and paid apps to accomplish what you need to achieve.

Title: The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets For Your iPad Success (ISBN 978-0-615-73840-6)
PDF Release Date: January 15, 2013
Amazon Release Date: January 28, 2013
Cost: $25.00 PDF and Kindle versions
PDF version available at
Kindle version available at
Publisher: Dark Pen Press
Additional information:

If you already have the book, you know how packed with information, tips, tricks, and app selections it is! I would appreciate you posting a positive review on Amazon!

Finally, there is apparently a new iPad on its way for release on February 5 with, get this, 128GB capacity (64GB more than is available now).  This higher capacity iPad will be available with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/cellular connectivity. The Wi-Fi-only version will likely cost $799, and the mobilenetwork-enabled slab will likely cost $929.

All my best. – Scott Grossberg

iPad Lawyer News – 1/18/2013

Happy Friday, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

You’ve all heard me rave about Agenda Calendar! It’s one of those apps that makes law office management more effective and efficient for me. Not only does it have a great way of viewing your calendar, it integrates your Reminders/Tasks into the calendar view! Today, the app is on sale for only $.99 – done from its normal $1.99.

Take a look here:

Or at the publisher’s website:

Onward! – Scott Grossberg

P.S. – Did I mention that Agenda Calendar works on your iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone?  It is a universal app. You buy it once and it is available for all your iOS devices!

iPad Lawyer News – 1/16/2013

Just in time for tonight’s Apple presentation, Splashtop 2 (a remote access app which allows you to retrieve your desktop/laptop screen on your iPad) from Splashtop Inc. is available for the iPad for $.99 in the app store. It is normally $19.99!

Here’s a link to the full-description of the product from the publisher:

And here’s a link to the app in iTunes:

If you decide to download this for your iPad, don’t forget to install the FREE desktop/laptop Splashtop Streamer! The link is available on the Splashtop site, as well.

Are you an iPhone user? Guess what? Your app is free:

Thanks for letting me interrupt your day with this terrific app deal! – Scott

iPad Lawyer News – 1/16/2013

Greetings, iPad Lawyer Tribe –

Just wanted to let you know that TextExpander for the iPhone and iPad is at an incredible reduced price of $.99 today! It is normally $4.99. Many of you have heard me speak of this app (I use it on my desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad) and how it enables you to take your automated document assembly to the next level. Bear in mind that my testing of the app shows that it does not work with every single iPad app on the market. But . . . It does sync with your desktop version (for those who use that) and it has a separate way of creating “notes” that can then be easily and quickly copied into your email or a document. Again, this is part of my workflow so it’s worth your time to take a look and see if this will make you more successful!



As always, let me know if you have any questions or I can be of service to you! – Scott Grossberg

P.S. – I have bought TextExpander just like everyone else. I have no interest in TextExpander’s developer nor has the company asked me to post this. I’m simply a fan.

eBook Released – The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success

We are proud to announce that a digital and updated version of The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success book is available now as a PDF download:

The iPad Lawyer is approximately 80 pages of step-by-step, hands-on advice and sensational app recommendations. Scott has done all the work for you. He has personally tried and tested all of the information you will receive! This is one of the most practical and comprehensive books about using the iPad in a legal business environment you can and should make part of your success library. 

This is an expanded version of the book that Scott uses in all of his iPad Lawyer seminars and workshops. It is a no-frills, content-packed guide to getting the most out of your iPad so that you, too, can be insanely productive and massively profitable . . . all while having fun in the process! Can you really afford not to take your technology skills to the next level? Wouldn’t you like to stay ahead of your competition and impress the heck out of your clients? Then, this book is for you!

Click here to order:

When you order, you also get a FREE 90-minute digital download of Mr. Grossberg’s recent iPad Lawyer mini-seminars!

If you’re interested in a volume discount for 5 or more books, just email Veronica Speed at or call her at 909-483-1850.

In the near future, The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success will also be available on Amazon. Here’s the catch – by ordering through you get the special 90-minute digital download, as well! The audio will not be available through Amazon.

Questions From You/Answers From Me (Part 2)



Scott J. Grossberg, Esq.

Following on the heels of last month’s article, here are some more questions from readers and the answers I provided. Feel free to write me with any additional inquiries you might have. After all, this is all about making you massively productive and profitable by using your iPad in business.

Question #8
Can I pick Mr. Grossberg’s brain re issues concerning capturing client billing? We have a BIG problem with phone calls/ text messages/ telephone conferences with my attorney and clients/experts, etc. He does not track or enter his billing for these things unless he’s at the office and unfortunately, about 75% of those are outside the office. Is there an app or something you can recommend that would help with this? He has the iPhone4S and an iPad. – B.H.

Answer #8
As someone who deals with capturing time ALL THE TIME, it sounds like your attorney needs less app options and more discipline in simply capturing his time. That being said, I mentioned the Notesy app ( during the Apple presentation. And . . . I will be posting an article about time and billing using Notesy in the near future. Notesy will allow your attorney to use Siri or his keyboard to capture his activities/time/notes on the go, instantly sync with Dropbox (, and retrieve those entries on any computer (the entries are saved in .txt format and can easily be copied and pasted into most other programs). However, your attorney is going to have to consistently use the app for it to be truly productive.

Question #9
I found your article interesting since we’ve also had requests for file syncing through iTunes from other attorneys that said they couldn’t use Dropbox because their firm had restrictions on syncing private data to cloud based services. – P.L.

Answer #9
Thanks for the response. While I can certainly understand some of the overcautious types not wanting to use Cloud services because of confidentiality and security issues that have arisen in the past, I believe there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and security with most of the major Cloud-based services. For that reason, I permit my attorneys to use Notesy with Dropbox. In fact, it is the instant syncing that makes the app SO powerful and easy to use. You might also find it interesting that I have run across some attorneys who use an iPad without any iTunes connectivity or access (surprising but true).

Question #10
I’m curious with the disclaimer language posted, if you feel it appropriate to divulge client contact details and dictate client work product through Siri or if you limit Siri dictation to non-client work product types of projects. – A.C.

Answer #10
Thank you for writing. For me, Siri is an invaluable part of my workflow. As such, you might want to check out the September 2012 article by Nikki Black at I am also aware of press coverage as to IBM’s concern over Siri and the ACLU’s warnings. However, with the great promises that Siri brings to law practice management, productivity, and profitability for lawyers, perhaps one of the best ways to partially address the ethical issues is to give a disclosure to your clients with a specific reference that you communicate by cell phone, email, and the Cloud. If the client does not agree with your workflow you can either modify your techniques or choose a new client. Naturally, I would be circumspect in using ANY online or Cloud system in handling highly sensitive and confidential matters.

Remember, too, that there will always be ethical challenges presented as technology advances. I can only imagine what the buzz must have been around when the telephone partyline and dangers of eavesdropping were recognized. Imagine the stir that arose when cell phones had signals that could be inadvertently intercepted by another passing user and, of course, the dreaded facsimile raised questions of reasonable expectations of privacy. While we certainly have the highest duty to protect our clients’ confidentialities and keep our privileges intact, I have no doubt that ethical guidelines will become more clear in the future to permit attorneys to use the massive benefits that advancing technology provides.

I suppose, of course, I could go back to using the pen and quill that sits on my desk. (Now I just have to find that carrier pigeon.)

Question #11
The iPad needs a “back” button. If I click on a link in an email, it will take me to, for example, Facebook. After I read the post I have to exit safari, re-open my email, and get back in by the desktop. Is there an easier way?

Answer #11
Actually, it’s not “back” that you want. You want to easily switch between apps. Just double click the “home” button (the round one at the bottom front of your iPad). This will open the multi-tasking menu at the bottom of your screen and allow you to powerfully switch back and forth between apps.

Question #12
Have you solved the problem that has perplexed me since the introduction of iOS 5 and the wireless capability, namely, not projecting a full 16×9 image? Other than HD movies, I am unable to wirelessly project a 16×9 image to monitors or projectors. The resulting image is usually 4×3 or something closer to square. Have you experienced that issue and solved it? Most folks I have discussed this issue with are not concerned with the 4×3 image. For my purposes, I would much rather have the image spread over the entire screen. I have found that changing the aspect ratio resolution through the monitor’s setting to create a full screen results in losing part of the image. I have the same result using monitors and projectors with HDMI input, but I have not had the occasion to use the Epson projector that you reference in your materials. Have you experienced the problem, solved it, or decided to live with it? Thanks for your help.

Also, do you discuss in your presentations that a wireless iPad presentation can be accomplished without an Internet connection, and using only a plain router signal (not connected to the Internet)? The issue of a bad or unreliable Internet connection can be totally avoided by including a travel router with your presentation equipment. The only disadvantage I know is having to rely on slides and other images and documents already on the iPad and not being to access the Internet. – H.D.


Down The 16:9 Rabbit-Hole

You raise an interesting question (the challenge of achieving 16:9 screen format/aspect ratio over 4:3). Naturally, many of the locales I appear at are now using widescreen plasma or LCD monitors. This can result in black bars appearing on the top and bottom on a 4:3 screen when projecting in 16:9, and black bars appearing on the sides of a 16:9 monitor when using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

So . . . first and foremost you need to know that most of the time I am not using an external monitor for presenting. Rather, I am using the old-fashioned projection screen because that is what is offered in conference facilities. Alternatively, most courtrooms and boardrooms still don’t have widescreen monitors readily available. While monitors are certainly more user friendly, the good news is that my projector (Epson MegaPlex) allows output at either 16:9 or 4:3. This gives me the maximum flexibility. (As a reminder, I am using my Apple TV to connect with an HDMI cable to the projector.)

If I am using an external monitor, I am really not too concerned about the aspect ratio differences (and most are still providing VGA connections rather than HDMI). I use whatever the host location is providing. I certainly do not want to start tweaking with my host’s monitor settings. As you might imagine, I am not using an Apple TV setup when working on someone else’s equipment.

As a side note, most of the Apple personnel I appear with use their iPhones to present on a widescreen monitor. The iPhone 5 projects, I believe, in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Look, Ma, I’m Not Even Using The Internet

In my presentations, I do not instruct attendees on how to network their devices (iPad and Apple TV) without internet access using a separate network router. However, I am starting to tell them about AirServer ( and the use of an ad hoc (peer to peer) wireless network created by using my MacBook Pro (the MacBook Pro can then be connected for presentation purposes similar to the way an Apple TV would otherwise be used). In other words:

1. Click on the Wi-Fi symbol/icon at the top right of the MacBook’s screen
2. Click on “Create Network”
3. Create name for your private network
4. Pick the channel you wish to use
5. Secure with a password
6. On the iPad, go to Settings
7. Select the new network you created
8. Start up AirServer
9. Mirror as you would with an Apple TV

As I have written about before, there is also a Mac App called Reflection ( that will essentially do the same as AirServer.

Thanks, again, to everyone for your terrific questions.

© 2013 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

Mr. Grossberg is a founding partner of the Southern California law firm of Cihigoyenetche, Grossberg & Clouse. He is a featured speaker and published author on numerous topics including media relations, social media, technology, public speaking, memory, and various other cutting edge concepts. Mr. Grossberg’s “iPad Lawyer” seminars provide legal professionals with the ability to truly harness the potential of Apple’s tablet. He is regularly called upon to address the impact of emerging technology and social media, suggest policies and procedures that should be in place, and to discuss liability exposure for this new way of doing business. He can be reached at