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Questions from You/Answers From Me (Part 1)



Scott J. Grossberg, Esq.

As we start the new year, I thought it might be rewarding to periodically share some of the great questions I am asked together with the answers to the challenges that have been raised. There’s some really good material here, so make sure you take the time to study how others are unleashing the real power of their iPads.

Question #1
I work in-house at an environmental and energy consulting firm. I’m constantly working in PowerPoint and delivering presentations. I’m not too IT savvy but getting better. Right now I travel with a laptop, small projector and iPad. You touched on this briefly during the presentation, but any recommendations for Apps to work in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint in particular? M.S.F.

Answer #1
Please make sure you go through the handout materials that I prepared for the webinar. There are apps listed therein that will help guide you to the app solutions you desire. If you want to take this all to the next level, I do have a significantly longer workbook/success guide that is used with my three-hour presentations. No pressure, of course. But, if you are interested in finding out more about that bigger guidebook, let me know.

As to Powerpoint and Office, again, take a look at the handout and you will see references to QuickOffice, Docs to Go, CloudOn, and OnLive Desktop (just to mention a few). Also, don’t forget that Keynote will import your Powerpoint presentations.

Question #2
I need to be able to forward emails to groups of mid-level managers and department heads. Any suggestions? – D.F.

Answer #2
Neither the native iOS mail app nor the Signature program I mentioned in my seminar will accomplish that goal. However, I did run across the following app that you might want to explore:

MailShot – Group Email Done Right (there is a free version and a pro version for $3.99)

Question #3
During your presentation, I did not jot down your recommendations on which stylus to use. If you can send me those recommendations, I would really appreciate it. On my iPad, I also have the Zagg Invishield. J.W.

Answer #3
I currently use the Jot Pro Stylus:

If you don’t want to go that route, I like the Griffin one:

Question #4
By the way, your thoughts on the Mini? I have no real issue with the size of the iPad, so not sure what benefit the mini might be. T.B.

Answer #4
As to the Mini, I think it’s very convenient size-wise. However, I want more screen real estate. Further, I like the retina display on the larger iPad. For those reasons, I am not using the Mini (at the moment).

We have recently started using the iPad to present in court via the TrialPad or TrialDirector apps but neither seems to have the capability to present a depo video with a synced text transcript without having to just import clips. Are you aware of any app or process for this to work? D.J.S.

Answer #5
As to showing synced transcript/video testimony, I believe the most elegant way to accomplish this is to work with your court reporting service so that they provide you with a trial-ready DVD that will show the words appearing on screen as they are being spoken. You can then play this from the iPad, in general, or using Keynote (for example), in particular. I don’t believe there is a standalone iOS app that will create the trial-ready synced video for you, unfortunately. It sounds like you don’t want to simply import clips as part of your presentation process. However, I urge you to reconsider this approach. I find that having the individual clips available (usually stored in Dropbox for ease of access and storage) keeps things more manageable and mistakes are less likely to happen.

Question #6
I am interested in knowing what file/evidence management program Scott uses. I went to his seminar and have a vague recollection of an evidence management program, but it went over my head. I am a Family Law attorney and did not have a “link” in my brain for that topic . . . but now I scan all of my files and I am dying for a program that will enable me to better organize my e-documents. S.J.J.

Answer #6
We scan everything at my office. It is kept on a separate server (with backups of course) and then made available both through a VPN or, more frequently, through Dropbox on a case-by-case basis. Naturally, your paperless office approach needs to be coordinated with your IT personnel (if you have one).

Question #7
I recently saw a doctor using his iPhone and dictating using something called IQ – he said it automatically transfers wirelessly to a dictation folder on their server for their transcriptionist. Are you familiar with this program and if so, do you use it or have an opinion one way or another? B.H.

Answer #7
The IQ app that you reference is part of a doctor-specific suite offered here:

I believe this “healthcare” platform is much more involved than you need and certainly covers areas that are completely irrelevant to the practice of law.

If you would rather have “dictation” available for someone else to transcribe, there are plenty of apps for the iPhone and iPad that will record voice and then can be sent by email. I can recommend some if that’s the route you want to go. However, the use of Siri (Dragon Dictation) with Notesy ( or a similar transcription program serves me well.

Thanks to everyone for asking some really terrific questions. I look forward to continuing to serve you and making certain that you and your business remain productive and profitable (and fun) during 2013!

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