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Some iPad Travel Tips You Must Know

Scott J. Grossberg, Esq.

I have been traveling quite a bit lately – to San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Paris. As those who have attended my iPad for Lawyers seminars know, I always have my trusty iPad with me because it is more convenient and lighter to carry around. You will be pleased to know that, even traveling internationally (in fact, this was written on my return flight from London to Los Angeles), I was able to do a great deal of “real” work – writing, reading, and responding to email, managing social media content, creating spreadsheets, etc., with ease and elegance. I want to share with you a few of my travel tips and “go to” apps so that you, too, can enjoy your journeys.

Accessories To Make Certain Your Devices Stay As On-The-Go As You

Power is the name of the game. The more power someone has, the more work they can get done. If your battery runs low, well . . . all the great computing power of an iPad and your incredible apps are worthless.

You will want to make sure you keep close at hand is your standard charging cord. Naturally, in the United States you can plug into a wall socket nearly anywhere. What you may not know is that most airports also offer free charging stations. If you don’t see a designated charging station, you can also find plugs along many of the walls in your travel waiting area.

If you are traveling internationally, make certain that you have at least two circuit convertors. Why two? It has been my experience in traveling throughout the UK and Europe that one or the other inevitably is not as compatible as you might have originally expected. Naturally, the Apple international travel kit is another fine alternative (but will only allow you to charge your Apple products, not your other electronic devices, such as a digital camera).

I’ve saved the best for last!!!! Before I share my discovery, here is what happened during my latest trip overseas – there were some tremendous travel challenges and delays. Having been filtered into a 7 1/2-hour line waiting for connection rebooking (a flight was delayed and I missed a connection) and then UK border entry (the rebooked flight meant I could not travel during the same day and had to leave the airport for the night), it quickly became apparent that there was no place to charge my iPad or iPhone. Having used both that day and right before an earlier flight, there was no way I was going to have workable devices very long into the ordeal. ZAGG TO THE RESCUE! If you travel, run – don’t walk – to your closest electronics store (I got mine at Radio Shack or order online) and buy the ZAGG SPARQ 2.0. This nifty little device (about the same size as an Apple TV unit) plugs into both US and international wall sockets (it comes with its own adapter). After charging it fully, you get 4 days of electrical charges! There are two USB ports and, while I was standing in the onerous lines, I simply plugged my iPhone and iPad into the ZAGG SPARQ and, voila, I was fully charged again, while others were left without any useable devices.

Travel bags are, of course, a personal choice. I can tell you that I have been quite happy with the size and flexibility of the Targus shoulder bag. It was easily carried across my chest or shoulder, passed through security without a hitch, and able to hold all of these items:

1. iPad (with the ZAGG FOLIO case)

2. All my travel money (paper and coin)


4. iPhone

5. Charging cords and adapters

6. Tickets/passport

7. My wallet

8. Altoids (trust me, you don’t want to be without these if you’re traveling)

9. A paperback book

10. Tissues

11. Deck of Playing Cards

Yes, There’s An App For That

There are perfect and near-perfect apps that will make you wondrously productive and allow you to finally leave your laptop behind. While the choice of apps is also something quite personal, here are a few of the apps that I now use all the time while traveling (in no particular order):

– This ingenious little text editor/word processor is what I use to write my blog and drafts of emails and what I used to compose this article. You write what you want, add any HTML formatting that might be desired (or not), and it saves your work automatically. And I don’t just mean internally to the iPad. When you have an internet connection and link NOTESY with Dropbox, NOTESY will create a Dropbox folder so that your work is saved in the Cloud. You can then access your work anywhere, from any computer. And, as an added bonus, the app will count words, paragraphs, lines, and characters.

QUICK OFFICE PRO HD – This app supports all of Microsoft’s latest formats. Most importantly, it can read and write to the favorite Cloud storage systems. You can also share files over the various social media sites.

DROPBOX – While I have SugarSync, Box, and iCloud accounts, this is still my favorite Cloud service.

AGENDA CALENDAR – A truly worthwhile and elegant looking replacement for the standard calendar that comes with your iPad.

READABILITY – You may not have connectivity all the time while you travel. If you can plan in advance for these situations (and you’d better start getting good at planning ahead with travel being what it is today), you can save online content for later offline reading with this app.

You can now see why my iPad for Lawyers seminar is now being updated to include a discussion of traveling with your iPad and working out of the office. You, too, can be an insanely productive road warrior.

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Happy traveling!

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